Welcome to the website of Religious Tourism Western Macedonia. Discover the temples of the three Dioceses, our monuments, museums and our natural wealth. This site was developed by the Association of Business Women of Western Macedonia under the second call for local program “Approach LEADER-axis 4 of the RDP” according to ANCO. The material is drawn from the SY.G.E.DY.M., in collaboration with the three Metropolises of EE Kozani, the 17th Department of Byzantine Antiquities and Local Government A Grade. It is an indicative inventory of the rich and great wealth of the religious tradition of our region and an attempt to convey the awe felt as western Macedonians, when we visit the monuments of faith contained here.

Enjoy the variety and beauty of religious sentiment expressed in our region over the centuries with numerous monasteries, churches, hermitages and unique religious art objects (such as Byzantine icons, frescoes, wooden temples, etc.), and contained in this guide, creating a mosaic of rare beauty. This beauty is emphasized even more than full swings and surprises of the landscape that surrounds us.

We trully thank everyone who contributed to the realization of this program.

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