At a distance of about 2 kilometers west of Aiani there is a beautiful location. A rocky hill in the shade of rich and dense foliage of prina is built the Church of St. Demetrius datingback from the 13th century. Agios Demetrios is a basilica in square shape with dimensions 6.75 X 6, 30., without an arch. Inside the church is divided in two walls in three aisles. The middle aisle is the highest and greatest width 3.10 m. the other two at their end have a width of 1.75m each and communicate with the middle with two asymmetric arched openings. The outer aisle is decorated with frescoes of performances from the Old and New Testaments and various saints. It should be noted that these frescoes have been made in two different seasons.

The frescoes, exquisite art, come from a local workshop dating back to the 16th century. The oldest frescoes, which were uncovered because fell the second layer that had covered them, were made ​​in the late 11th century, the period when the erection of the temple took place. The second layer of the frescoes chronologically belong to the late 15th century.

The reredo of the temple has no artistic value. However, the portable icons that were there were quite important and the commissioners took them to the church of Madona for security reasons. One of them was transferred in 1960 in Kozani and now adorns the collection of Byzantine icons of the Holy Cathedral of Servia and Kozani.