The Church of St. Minas is located at the entrance of Velvento. It is a single – place, with wooden roof, of smalldimensions, with an arch, neoclassical splint and open gallery at the main aisle, probably of an older three aisle early Christian basilica. The frescoes of the east wall, with the Transfiguration and the Annunciation, belong to the last quarter of the 12th century. The frescoes of the main temple are developed into two zones. The full figures saints in the first zone and scenes from the Twelve most important life – events of Jesus at the second zone are placed chronicaly in the 15th century.

The church was restored in 1994. In 1996, in excavations were discovered a coin of Justinian, dating back to the late 6th AD century and a coin of  Maximianos of the 4th century. Also they were revealed five cist graves withut beening open, indicating that the area was systematically used as a cemetery. The excavations for the emergence of the church continued in 1997 and revealed findings that subvert and revise earlier views about the location. The revelation of a water pipe, which is connected with a square space bearing a floor ith tiles and a waterproof coating at North East of the church and a bath on the south side, indicating that the site functioned as an organized bath with different structures and complex functions.