The nun church of Saint Nicholas, the entrance Velvendos, work of the 16th century, is a single small basilica with a wooden gabled roof. From architectural point of view, is an austere monument decorated with remarkable frescoes. On the west side, formed spacious covered area, which occupies the place of the original cast. On the south side there is a wooden roof loggia, an essential element of the churches from the period of Turkish rule. On the east side, dominates the semi-hexagonal apse. The famous frescos are preserved in relatively good condition, is the work of the painter Nicholas informs us the inscription 1588.

On the outer side of the west wall, above the entrance, is depicted honored Agios Nikolaos. Scenes from the Life of occupy most of the wall. Inside, the frescoes developed into three zones. The wooden gilded iconostasis is the oldest known so far, dated temple and the most important in Greece. Constructed in 1591 at the expense of the lord G. Moutafi. Unfortunately, The icons of your pictures and the Apostolic stolen in 1980 from unknown looters and escaped abroad. The temple became, from 1987 to 1996, support work, fixing, replacing the roof and wall cleaning.