The monastery of Saint Antonios Siapkas – Kastanias is built according to a Byzantine model and as a construction it was a small castle. It belongs, therefore, to the fortress architecture. The property of the monastery belonged to the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople that was a holly institution, but with the supervision of the Diocese of Servia. It was actually a commune with many monks as appears from various records from the Constantine period and from the  mind 1750 was abandoned and the monks moved to Demerades. The property was huge, apart from the Siapkas divisions, estates of the monastery was Vouvala, Farmaki and Vourpa. Today, only parts of the entrace are visible that was a double leaf door and  the icon of the Saint, part of the abbey and the archontariki, a few cells and a Byzantine fountain with three letters engraved aov = 1802 (the date the fountain was built). There are still two huge chains that were used to tie patients as Saint Anthony was a healer of specific psychological diseases. So, anyone who had such problems went to the monastery, was tied with the chains and asked for the protection and help of the Saint. In the monastery there were rare Byzantine icons and frescoes.