The Church of St. John the Theologian was built in 1866. According to an inscription it was painted in 1873 by Chr. Craia and student of Nicholas A. Samarinaios “. The spire of the church was built in 1930 and every year it is commemorated with pomp on 8 May.

Karyditsa is local at the district of the municipality of Kozani, built 4 miles south of the city of Kozani. It is built in a flat place, densely populated with narrow streets and the  houses have large gardens full of beautiful flowers. Their residents distinguish the hard-work, diligence, progress, love for their village. Also special is the piety and love for the church and the village school.

The last years of Ottoman rule the village was a manor of the Moury Bey. Those who worked on the estates were called “Tsiftsides”. After the liberation of the region, held in October 1912, Moury Bey left but the land continued to be in his possession. The acquisition was made later by the villagers.