It is the main church of Velvento. Inaugurated in 1804 and completed in 1807. Parish church of the Assumption is a major basilica. The immense artistic value iconosasi and the rest of the temple carvings compose a masterpiece of ecclesiastical heritage. The issues carved in the iconostasi are numerous and various. Flowers, spines, vines, sacred and human figures, vases, suns, double-headed eagles, angels, deer, hares, lions, pelicans, uppers, pigeons and numerous others, engaging in harmony and making the wood praising and a glorious joy for the eye. The columns of the temple, who divide into three naves, are huge logs and emerge in embedded wondrous mixed capitals of Corinthian and Ionic. Inside the altar of the main church a part of the iconostasis of the old church of St. John the Baptist is kept, in the site where later the Assumption of Virgin Mary was built .
The signed, dated, satin and adorned with pearls, diamonds and emeralds Epitaph of the main church is of immeasurable value, religious and cultural relic site. The icon of the Virgin Mary the Leader, dated in the late 15th century, is the oldest of the icons saved in Velvento and was one of the episcopal temple of the old church. It is based on the model of the Cretan school, similar to what Theophanes had in mind while making the icon of Our Lady the Leader, in Stavronikita Monastery.
At about the same time an icon of St. Nicholas can be inserted, whose physiognomical type and technical characteristics are parallel to the wall and icons in Kastoria and Veria. In another icon, archangel Michael in bust is represented, holding sword in the right hand and in the left a blue sphere on which the letter X is distinguished, apparently what is left of the acronym Christ Righteous Judge. The Apostolic Chamber to show four Apostles, seems to belong to the 16th century.

In the courtyard of the church rises the spire founded in 1873 that has, in plan, hexagon shape and the internal staircase, with wooden intermediate floors, leads to dome like roof, where the end with the bell rests .